Have your event here!

Brighton, the town of acceptance and love! When in Brighton you will feel nothing but a warm welcome, there is no discrimination and the people of Brighton are accepting of everybody.

Many people come down to this picturesque for so many reasons, but the biggest is for how well it can hold any sized event.

Now, an increase of 65% has seen more people hold their big events in Brighton.

That’s why this is the perfect place to hold your big event!

Many accommodation providers work alongside event managers for guests to provide an event to celebrate many things, such as weddings and parties. It means there it will be easier for you to plan your event as you have the help of all these people.

The ultimate venue in Brighton

This venue works alongside many other companies to hold the most amazing events – explains their successes well.

They offer function rooms, variety of themed parties, birthday celebrations, and themed nights every month.

Function Roomsa vital feature for your event

  • Dining room, seating up to 100 people
  • Indoor and outdoor rooms
  • privacy, intimate setting


Type of event a venue you choose must cater for what you want

  • accommodating for the amount of people coming
  • what services are provided
  • entertainment purposes
  • caters for birthdays, celebrations and weddings


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