We promise you

Here at Annandale Hotels we offer you the best suited places to stay in during your time in Brighton. Properties range from family hotels, to luxurious apartments and even cabins.

We make sure all the properties suggested range in style, but don’t lack in safety. With a programme of inspections taking place by specialist contractors with many years of experience. They ensure we have suitable and the best quality works in our recommended properties. Any maintenance that needs doing is completed by them – ELC Roofing LTD.  this is to make sure there are no safety hazards and preventing any accidents.


What you can expect from us

  • An experienced and friendly team who will listen to your requirements.
  • Extensive knowledge of the local property market.
  • Readiness to provide you with impartial and honest advice.
  • A first class service at all times.
  • Exceptional customer service.
  • Contactable 24/7.


Here at Annandale Hotels, our main priority is our customers. We try our best to keep you safe and satisfied at all times, which is why we would never offer something that we deem unsuitable – if you disagree with what’s on our site, please contact us.



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